Virap Air Supply Unit


The air supply is designed to provide reference and purge air for the Carbon / O2 probes. All models use a rugged double-diaphragm pump designed for an industrial environment. The flow gauges have two-inch scales for readability and easy adjustment. A replaceable filter prevents particulate infiltration of the supply lines.


      Technical Data
Digital cyclic timer
Range 0 -999min
Pump :
Diaphram Pressure pump
Pressur 0.02MPa
Air out 20L/min
Built-in filter
Reference air:
Measuring range (adjustable with valve) 0 5.00 SCFH
Readoff length 40mm
Purge air:
Measuring range (adjustable with valve) 0 11.00 SCFH
Readoff length 40mm
Switch cabinet:
Wall housing, steel-plated
250 x 300 x 150mm
Air connections:
Hose fittings for 6mm O.D


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